The management personnel are all highly experienced (over 20+ years average pertinent experience). The team is led by Jonathan Parker Bray, who has successfully developed and sold several telecommunications companies.

The team is complemented by the company's Advisory, who are also highly experienced. They provide invaluable financial, technical and legal support to the company.


Jonathan Parker Bray

Chief Executive Officer

He has been in the telecommunications industry for 15 years. He founded Peach Technologies, a company publicly traded on the Alberta Stock Exchange and later sold to Highpoint Inc.; and Trans Global Access, a switching hub and billing platform that was a publicly traded US company in 2001 and later sold to Telemonde. He is also a co-founder of Expo Communications PLC, listed on the Alternative Investment Market in 2003 for UK£56M. He relocated to Monaco in 2002, and since then has been running Monaco Tech Services, a consultancy company, along with BlueBottle Technologies Inc., a global IT consultancy firm dedicated to integrating innovative tech that delivers wireless solutions to large corporations and governments.

Jan Vekemans

Senior Operations Manager

He is an engineer with 30 years of experience in the IT sector. He was Managing Director of Netilla Networks Europe, Ltd. and responsible for its sales and marketing efforts. He successfully developed Vasco Data Security's two-factor authentication business, and evangelised and sold Public Key infrastructure at Baltimore Technologies, Cryptocard and Regify. He has also served as Project Manager and Director of Business Development at Option and assisted in new technology introduction through Thin Client SSL VPN and IP Sec VPN, as well as encryption and secure voice connectivity, designing best-in-class solutions and products. He began his career with Commodore Communications and also served in various executive capacities at Xerox Engineering Systems and Celo Communications.

Zachary Broniszewski

Lead Developer

He is an undivided, self-taught Philomath who dedicates at least 12 hours per day to the field and cutting-edge of computer technologies. He possesses an array of distinguished abilities to lead an entire development team from inception of objective to denouement. From server-side security to programmatic-method to front-end UI, Zach is adept in delivering cohesion across a multitude of platforms.

Upkar Sahota

Senior Programmer &
Data Analytics

He has many years of experience in the IT field. He is a Senior Developer at BlueBottle Technologies Inc., a global IT consultancy firm dedicated to integrating innovative tech that delivers wireless soltuions to large corporations and governments. He was Director at Numeria and Spartacus Complex, both IT consultancy firms serving the telecommunications industry. He worked in Intelligent Network Development roles at Expo Communications, Telemonde.

Christophe Deschamps

Senior Technical Team Leader

He is a telecom software engineer with more than 20 years of experience in consulting, education, sales and engineering. He specializes in VoIP and Unified Communications solution development, architecture and deployment. He has worked with major telecom operators, equipment manufacturers and service providers across Europe, including Vodafone Oracle, IBM, as well as many start-ups, advising them on the implementation of new innovative communication services.

Ricky Magalhaes

Privacy Security Manager

He is an international cyber security data protection architect and expert with over 20 years of experience leading IT Security initiatives. He currently heads the Offshore Security Services Division of Logicalis where he and his team build global security cloud services for international telcos and software vendors. He has been a trusted advisor on cyber strategy for brands like Intel, McAfee, Cisco, Microsoft, BAE, Lockheed martin, AT&T, Telefónica, IOD, and IBM. He is a leader in the security field, especially in GDPR, Cloud and Cyber security, and has been personally commended by Bill Gates for his work with Microsoft in the security arena. He has chaired the ISC2 user group in the European region where he now resides.

ICO Blockchain Team

Iaroslav Vonts

Blockchain and Senior Fullstack Tech Lead

Over 10 years of software development experience - Server side, web & Desktop & Mobile applications. 5 years of experience in Blockchain for BTC, ETH, XRP, Stellar, Monero, Hyperledger and forking.

Mark Powell

Ceo & Founder of New Crypto Order

Crypto-currency and tech enthusiast, photographer and filmmaker, co-founder of the movie theater Cine Tonala, one of the first businesses to accept Bitcoin in Mexico City (now a hub for crypto meet-ups). Mark was one of the first people to see a need to connect Blockchain talent in order to create stronger transparency, trust and creative innovation within the Blockchain space and ecosystem.

Bruno Caballero

CEO & Founder of
Developer & Advisor of New Crypto Order

Technology activist and Blockchain professional. Bruno started in order to focus on goals that catalyse value transfer systems for a richer and fairer human interaction. His dream is to express only in numbers. He approaches Blockchain as a form of language expression and sees possible poetry and a good future everywhere.

Eduardo "Lalo" Castillo-Salgado

CTO & Co-Founder of
CTO of New Crypto Order

Blockchain and fintech professional. He specialises in full stack development, information technologies and digital culture, communication, art and hi-tech solutions. Lalo is interested in new forms of organization and expression using Blockchain technology.

"White Hat" Team

Our white hat ANON team is just that - anonymous

Traditionally, hackers have divided themselves into two groups: the "black hats," who exploit the vulnerabilities of their marks for profit, and the "white hats," who hire themselves out to protect the vulnerable. We have two full time dedicated "White-Hat" security experts. Given the very nature of our business, our ANON team are dedicated to protect and govern our users privacy. Their reach is unfathomed.



Walid Kamhawi

Advisory Member

20+ year career in investments: Blackstone Group, the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Bear, Stearns and HK Advisory.

Brent Whitney

Advisory Member

He is the co-founder of Fleetprime and RoadMDM, complementary companies focused on building industry-specific large-scale IoT solutions. He is also CEO and founder of Leafnode Technology, a software company that delivers bioinformatic and botanical science solutions to NGO partners worldwide. He was Vice President of Engineering and later CEO at Feedster, and before that CTO of LesConcierges where he designed and implemented unique CRM and loyalty products for Visa, Bank of America, Google, Apple, Microsoft among others. He was also co-founder and CTO of iSaySo, where he designed products and software that lead to an acquisition by Les Concierges. He was CTO at, and a Senior Consultant for E*Trade where he led the development for,, He was also Software Engineer at Boeing, where he was in charge of building complex software applications.

Guy Coltman

Board Member

Guy has a 20 plus year career in international and commercial law. He is currently a senior partner at Carey Olson in Jersey, and has been practicing law in Jersey for over 7 years. Previously, Guy was at Skadden Arps.

Carey Olsen is a market leading offshore law firm. They deliver exceptional services to their clients from the key offshore financial centres of the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey. They have an established presence in Cape Town and the City of London.

They're consistently the firm of choice for clients and advisors who we refer work to our jurisdictions of operation.

Richard Blaksley

Board Member

25+ year career in security/intelligence services. Currently a Senior Partner at GPW Limited, and previously head of Kroll Europe & Asia.

Gary Wilson

Board Member

30+ year career in law and executive management with: Schlumberger, Hanover, Aibel Group and Dhabi Holdings.


Craig Ralton

Head of Project Delivery

IT Network, Systems and Security technical expert since the late 90s who transitioned into Technical Management and Consultancy roles over the last 18 years. Craig has been interested in crypto since 2010, becoming fully immersed in the field in 2013 to the present. He is an experienced world traveler focused on connecting people and potentials.

Thomas Pepperz

Director of Marketing

An active cryptocurrency trader since late 2012, Thomas leverages his background as a data scientist and market analyst, focusing his research on mining the cryptocurrency culture & markets for data in order to derive analytical insight and inform Pryvate’s marketing strategy. He holds degrees in Philosophy & Applied Ethics (BA, 2012), English Literature (MA, 2013), and Data Science (MS, 2019).

Rikki Long

Content Generation
Advertisement Specialist

IT Project Manager & Blockchain Enthusiast. - 6+ Years in Cryptotoken investments, participation in multiple ICO and blockchain projects. Rikki is a content generation specialist by trade, with a background in R&D, digital entity creation, creative marketing, and advertising. Expertise ranges from web presence development and social media management to copywriting and technical analysis.

Sebastian Pietrzak

Audio / Visual creations

Technology enthusiast - Passionate about blockchain applications in music and media industries. Cryptocurrency trader and crypto markets technical researcher. Worked as a freelance audio-visual engineer and sound designer internationally for the past 10 years. Computer geek with a special interest in custom built GPU mining machines and network security.

Joshua Musicant

Content Writer

Writer, Journalist, Independent Publisher, Master's in Fine Arts (Creative Writing and Poetics, in progress), Master's in Education (Secondary Education), Bachelor's in English (Creative Writing, Beat Theory, Literary Theory and Criticism), Bachelor's in Psychology (Cognition, Emotional awareness and intelligence, Web-based experiment design)

Eddy Parker-Bray

Social Media Community Manager

Eddy coordinates and manages Pryvate’s social media communities and provides strategic direction to the team. Eddy’s background as a student of journalism equips him with knowledge of the most-recent developments and trends in digital media and journalism, which he utilizes to deliver well-crafted and targeted social media content.

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